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Nebulosa Picante
Give it a shape

. Concept This series features graphics I've created over the past three years, inspired by phrases encountered in my daily life—whether on the street, in books, on social networks, or in conversations with friends.

For me, visual expression often proves more accessible than words. Thus, what you'll find depicted here reflects the abstract shapes that populate my mind during these exchanges.

I also draw inspiration from the representations of mathematical equations, because I find it fascinating how these organized concepts manifest into visually captivating graphics, revealing the inherent beauty within the rules governing the universe.

ProcessThe process isn't always the same, but typically, I start with a foundational phrase I intend to illustrate and a rough concept of its form.

A pivotal step in idea development involves creating a first-level mind map with tangible concepts, followed by abstract ones.

Next, I group related concepts and identify repetitions, culminating in composing the final artwork using the resulting keywords.

As for tools, I primarily rely on Rhinoceros and Illustrator for design work. For animations, I utilize After Effects or Processing.

PostersI produced a series of posters showcasing the most poignant visuals and phrases. Printed on smoke acrylic, these posters remain enigmatic until viewers make a deliberate effort to decipher them. By demanding this extra level of engagement, I aim to encourage attentiveness and presence. 

Moreover, when illuminated, the graphics cast intricate shadows, creating a dynamic interplay between light and darkness.

Having had the privilege to exhibit at the Art Number 23 gallery in Barcelona, I experienced the intrigue these visuals sparked among visitors. It was gratifying to observe them repeatedly drawn to the shapes, discussing about their composition and perceived meaning.