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Nebulosa Picante
Encrypted words

ConceptMy affinity for enigmas and hidden messages led me to explore a form of unintelligible data visualization—a chaotic arrangement akin to knots, inspired by the notion that "chaos is the order that is not understood."

Each knot hides a word or phrase that acts as sigils, lucky charms, or secret codes that are only understandable among friends.

Thus far, these knots have found a home in the form of tattoos across Colombia, Mexico, Italy, and Spain, with hopes of expanding their reach globally! (Drop a line to @nebulinea :))

ProcessBeginning with a clear vision of the desired shape, I embarked on a formal exploration culminating in a template divided into three quadrants, each containing the letters of the alphabet.

To achieve the desired cyclical form, the letters comprising the word are strategically positioned within these quadrants in a sequential order. This arrangement yields a closed curve that connects the points in each quadrant, with any necessary smoothing applied to enhance visual appeal.