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Nebulosa Picante

Contemporary oracle based on simple yet impactful objects that have quietly shaped our lives.

There are no set rules; you can play solo or with friends, at home, school, or work, whether during lunch or when pondering life's big questions.

To play, pose an open-ended question, shuffle the cards, draw one, and interpret it freely. You're bound to uncover the message the universe has for you.

Content40 oracle cards.
4 cards with instructions.

The art of askingTake a few minutes to think about what exactly you want to know. Then, pose a specific open-ended question that doesn't lend itself to a simple "yes" or "no" answer.

Here are some examples:What am I supposed to do now?
What is my main obstacle?
What do I need to heal?
What am I here for?
What is the next step?
How can I help others?

Note that you will receive a response in the form of actions. Formulate a question that can be answered in this way.

MeaningsAnyone can interpret the cards; there are no right or wrong answers.

On each card, you'll discover an object and a symbolic action associated with it. A pencil isn't merely for writing; it also signifies the commencement of a dream. This is what Mundano signifies. Trust your instincts when interpreting.

Don't fret if you don't grasp the universe's response initially. Reflect on it in the ensuing days, and perhaps even take notice of where you encounter these objects—they may provide clarity.

Cards samples
Soon you’ll be able to play it :)