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Nebulosa Picante
Hoodie design 

ContextAt Harbour.Space University, an annual contest invites students to submit design proposals for the year's hoodie. There was no greater brief than to use the institutional colors and keep it simple on the front, while we could be completely creative on the back, as long as the design was in one ink.

The brief was a bit general for me, and this is also reflected in the designs of past years. I wanted this time to have a stronger message, so I made my own brief: to create a hoodie that appeals to students by eschewing overt branding, yet embodies the values of the university.

ConceptDrawing theoretical inspiration from chaos theory and graphical influence from the Lorenz Attractor, the design reflects Harbour.Space's ethos as a disruptive institution fostering collaboration between creative and scientific disciplines. 

It serves as a tangible representation of our commitment to cultivating solutions that transcend classroom boundaries, poised to make a meaningful impact in the real world.